You mean I can get an award for being kind? A good citizen? Seriously?

If you know a Broadmoor High senior who takes an active part in making his/her/our world a better place, nominate them for the scholarship. Pass it on.  | About | Thanks



Our 2021 recipient is Kelsy Wallace!

Kelsy has “decided to pursue a career in healthcare to continue my love for Service.”  We wish her all the best in pre-med and on her path forward. She has already proven her commitment to making the world a better place. We are grateful and look forward with her to the future!



2020 has been delayed but not forgotten! Ire J. Tolbert exhibits both strong leadership skills and compassion. A hard worker and a pleasure to be around, he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology/sports medicine. We hear to know him is to love him!

2019 Winner


Delighted to announce that Traylan Lockett is the 2019 Winner of the Jared Matthew Lamy Memorial LIFE Scholarship! Honored to meet this young man tonight at the Awards Ceremony. He plans to major in Psychology and his past actions assure us that he will do well!



The 2018 Winner of the Jared Matthew Lamy Memorial LIFE Scholarship is Larissa McGee! Such a pleasure to meet her at the Broadmoor High Awards ceremony. She will be excellent on her chosen path of Social Work!

Poussy M’Bow


Our 2017 Winner is Poussy M’Bow, a team player and hard worker who has exhibited true compassion for her fellow students! We finally got to meet her in person and wish her all the best as she studies biology!


The 2016 Winner of the Jared Matthew Lamy Memorial LIFE Scholarship is Keontrell Martin!

This hard-working young man is a joy to be around and is making a difference in his world and community!

Our 2015 Winner is Di’Neisha Elaine Alford. She has shown much compassion in her treatment and care of fellow students over the years. We wish her much joy and continued success as she follows her path to become a nurse!


Hard to believe we are now in our third year!

The 2014 Winner of the Jared Matthew Lamy Memorial LIFE Scholarship is Ivory Shardé Watkins.

About to major in accounting and art, this well-balanced young woman is an excellent example of hope and kindness.


“Kindness to self and others” …a simple variation of the golden rule!


Our 2013 Winner

Our second year’s recipient is Esmeralda Diaz Mendoza. This amazing young lady has been putting others well-being to the forefront and plans to continue on that path into the future! We are quite impressed!

And we are still very impressed! Keep up the good works!

Our first year’s recipient was Rose Daniels! Rose is an amazing and kind young woman who has a special place in our hearts as she was the very first to receive the scholarship. May, 2012.2012rose


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